Jinzhou Xinhualong Molybdenum Oxide Roasting Production Line

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Jinzhou Xinhualong is one of the backbone enterprises in the domestic molybdenum industry. It is a specialized company integrating mining, mineral processing, smelting, processing and trade. It is a large molybdenum deep processing product production base in Northeast China. It is a domestic production of tungsten and molybdenum metal. The backbone enterprise of materials and products, the energy-saving rotary kiln produced by our company has achieved zero energy consumption and high output. The sulfur content of molybdenum oxide after roasting is far lower than the national standard, making it a realized in the domestic ferromolybdenum smelting industry. One of the companies that meet the standards.

Production status

Daily operation: 24h/d Kiln daily output: 12t/d Feed: Molybdenum disulfide Finished product: Molybdenum oxide

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This product achieves zero energy consumption promised by the manufacturer, which greatly reduces the production cost of our company. The equipment is simple and reliable in operation and low in operating cost. At the same time, the finished product has a uniform particle size of molybdenum oxide, loose and fluffy, no coke, no knot and sheet material, no mechanical inclusions visible to the naked eye, and meets the product requirements. This is difficult to obtain in domestic equipment manufacturers, the output is stable, and the yield rate is as high as 99%. My company is very satisfied.

—— Manager Liu of Purchasing Department

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